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Urban Faith Mission


Our Mission is to work in partnership with local churches and organizations to direct ministry efforts that not only meet young urban people where they are at, but also are the catalyst that connects them to Jesus and community. "Unless a kernal of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed." - John 12:24

Fighting for Faith, One Unit at a Time



Our Vision is to see generations living in urban conflict rise up and reach their fullest potential in Jesus. "Every valley shall be raised up..." - Isaiah 40:4


Our first message to young people is that we desire to REVIVE their faith. We want to see them get back to God. We believe that God is the answer.


Yes, we know that these areas are tough, and we know that there are no easy answers. However, one of the things that drives us is that we strongly believe that Jesus and a second family can help to REBUILD hope in a young person's life.


Finally, we want to create programs that meet the needs of young people and ultimately RESTORE their outlook on life to a point that they begin striving for a better future.

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